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Welcome to the Lighthouse Academy!

We all want our children to grow in a healthy society. To have such a society we must have more and more intelligent people, as the intelligent people will create healthy and safe societies, and those societies will create more and more intelligent people... a chain reaction.

As Stephen Hawking said “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not the ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”. Are our children getting real knowledge at schools?

Many of us are immigrants from ex-soviet countries or Asia and many of us do agree with Hawking.

We are not satisfied with the American Education System. Many take their children out of schools for homeschooling, but this can’t be the best solution either. We need to do more to unite and create our own education techniques by sharing each other’s experience to create our own online school.  Many of us have degrees in different fields, be it science or history or art. Do you really think that the American Common Core will give your child more Math or Physics knowledge than the parent with a PhD is those fields?

We hope that our project by time will grow into such a school providing better educational materials, helping our children to learn more and be ahead of students of their grade in schools. We parents can work together and create better building blocks for an educated society!